Voice Talent

Do you know what you are looking for in voice talent? Perhaps you need a smokey mature male to narrate a documentary. Perhaps it’s completely the opposite and you need a female to voice a young boy. Why would you need a female to voice a young male? Think about this, if you hire a young male and the production run turns out to be long running, the young male talent may hit that special point in their life and change on you! This could prove to be very problematic in the grand scheme of things. So maybe you thought you knew what you were looking for, and now we’ve ruined your plans.

Voice talent needs can vary greatly from project to project. Maybe you have an army of trolls or a pack of cats with something to say. How are you going to go about finding their voice? You’re going to ask Resnick Interactive Group… that’s how. We will analyze your content and find the perfect voice match for the message you are trying to get out. Army of trolls? Sure, but where are they from? Are they large and mean? Are they small and silly? Pack of cats? Are they young or old? Playful or lethargic? Housebroken or not? Ok, well maybe not that last one, but you see, these are the kinds of questions we will be asking ourselves when we take our first look at a script.

Once we feel the basic questions concerning character development have been answered we can begin auditioning. Initial auditioning can be a very quick process these days thanks to modern technology. Most times there is not even a need to see the voice talent. It is their voice we’re after anyway. Requests will go out to select voice talent and they will record and turn in their auditions. If none of the select talent fit the bill we will call for open auditions. All the while we are thinking about the project’s voicing needs. Perhaps an audition turned in for “Character A” really sounds like “Character B.”  We make note of the occurrence and the search potentially ends for “Character B.” It is conceivable that this scenario will repeat itself many times. This is why the casting process must be well organized.

Since Resnick Interactive Group crafts voices, auditions are not the only component of our process. Most of the time the approved auditions are very close to what we’re looking for, but aren’t perfect. We take the time to work with the talent to make something original, something that the audience will relate to. If that particular talent can’t hit the mark, well, we continue looking, and developing the cast.

When the cast is developed and locked we begin the production. Our voice directors work very carefully with the chosen talent to maintain voice consistency, pacing, and energy. Our recording engineers are seasoned professionals that keep the session flowing. All of these things combined lead to a great recording experience, which in turn, leads to fantastic voice performances, and when you get fantastic performances you are more likely to end up with a spectacular finished product.

If you’re looking for voice talent coverage, you’ve come to the right place! Please contact us and tell us all about your needs!