To Dub or to Sub – Why Voice Over Dubbing is Today’s Preferred Method

dubbing versus subbing

In the 1970’s, I had a total girl crush on a certain freckled-face, unruly, red-haired, horizontally-challenged-pig-tailed girl from Villa Villekulla. Her name was Pippi Longstocking. Pippi had superhuman strength and could hold a horse up with one hand and boy was she ever groovy! After turning on my life-sized Zenith Television Set and wiggling the… Read more »

Being Thankful for Technological Advances in Voice Over


Remember when we were limited by the physical nature of recording? Film, tape, vinyl? Yeah, me neither. Many of those forms of technology didn’t die out all that long ago (after all, the first voice overs are still less than 100 years old) and yet, we quickly repressed those memories in favor of the newest,… Read more »

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