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Voice Over Casting & Character Development

At Resnick Interactive Group we treat voice over casting as a thoughtful process that goes way beyond the traditional cold reads and auditions seen elsewhere. We find that it’s necessary to consider many factors when introducing a multitude of characters to viewers at once. Directing the voice over actor in-person allows us to drill down on the nuances of each character and in turn has has yielded better results for our clients.

We’re known for being meticulous and careful with the creative needs for characters on all types of products and spend a great deal of time blending our cast to make sure each character can stand on their own. We take pride in finding unique actors for each character that lend themselves to the project in a way that resonates with the viewer and blend seamlessly with the rest of the cast.

Our voice over casting service is comprised of a very thorough in-take process of all client materials. Scripts, character descriptions, and visual materials are thoroughly and meticulously combed over to determine the work-loads for each character, their physical details and traits, hidden out-of-character moments, and any quirks or personality quirks that become defining. The personality of each character is mapped out and brought to life in our offices through creative debating from our staff members.

Utilizing our relationships in the voice over community, we design our voice over casting production. We call voice over agencies to communicate our needs and call on our regular voice over acting roster if we think someone would be great for a role. Believable characters are on the way! While in the audition, we invite our clients to participate in these sessions as we drill down on the needs of each character. This process reveals a different depth of the characters personality and helps our customer understand how the background for each character trait actually comes to life.

The result of our voice over casting process is an organized selection of some of the best talent in the industry along with our detailed notes and suggestions. Our clients have come to depend on us during this process and trust that we’ll be able to help them find the perfect voice for their project.