Virtual Community Summit in London

Virtual Community Summit

It’s nearly time for the second annual VirComm Summit — the UK’s first and only conference dedicated to community management. Held at the beautiful Royal Institution on February 7, it’s worth making the trip for venue alone! But in addition, the summit features the latest in what’s happening with online community building. We’ve mentioned before… Read more »

iKids Conference & Awards


February is an exciting time in the children’s entertainment world. And exciting times in the children’s entertainment world are exciting times for us in the animation voice over world. One of the most exciting parts is the annual Kidscreen conference with its adjacent iKids Conference on February 4th and their awards for the best animated… Read more »

Voice Over Actors in the News… and not in a good way

What does it mean that voice actors often only make the news for misdeeds– when they’re speaking out of turn or getting arrested? From the recent insensitive (and nonsensical, mostly) tweets about post- tsunami Japan from Gilbert Gottfried, to the escalating accusations against Elmo voicer, Kevin Clash, to this week’s arrest of former voice of… Read more »

Role Breakdown– The Voice Over Writer


Sometimes the writers– or at least the head writer/s– are in the room during voice over production, but most of the time, they are not. Their role in the process wrapped up long ago. Sometimes, they’re not even in the country in the case of shows that have been imported and translated. But if the… Read more »

Client Involvement in the Voice Over Production Process


One of the questions we get the most is “how involved will I– the client– be in the voice over production process?” And our answer always goes a little something like this: “how involved do you want to be?” We can break it down a couple of ways. But at the core of this process,… Read more »

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