Todd has been my magic missile for over 2 years now for everything related to video game audio and voice over work. No matter what the timeline, budget or obstacles associated with the game, I know I can just fire him at the project and wait for the amazing results!

Jay Podilchuk / DreamCatcher Games

Todd is about results. I have worked with him on many of our projects and he consistently delivers above expectations and on time. Time and again, he has proven himself to be incredibly flexible to the needs of our small publisher, even when those needs are well beyond the norm.

Bryan Cook / DreamCatcher Games

Todd is reliable, trustworthy, and has an incredible work ethic. His passion is clear in his efficiency, determination, and ability to resolve challenges as they appear.

Tiffany J. Shuttleworth / Mattel

On time, on budget, and on point producing exactly what we’d requested. Can’t ask for more than that!

Matt Raithel / Black Lantern Studios

Todd strives to provide a reliable and competitive service at every step of the process. From casting to editing his no nonsense foundation of doing business comes through in his results, and that of those he hires for jobs. On several occasions, we’ve also gained additional business contacts for quality services (such as filming and editing) that were used in conjunction with Todd at a great value. If you want a professional to handle your needs with just about anything multimedia, Todd’s the guy that makes it happen.

Kamaal Anwar / DreamCatcher Games

It was a pleasure to work with Todd. He is always open for a dialogue, friendly and quick minded. There is no chance to think that something goes wrong during all the time of cooperation with him, and you don’t need to worry about a high-quality result at the end.

Grigory Vladimiro / Akella

Working with Todd has been a tremendous pleasure. Every project has been a fantastic experience. If you are looking to hire one of the best and nicest guys in game audio, He’s your guy! His work speaks for itself. I look forward to working with him in the years to come.

Joshua R. Mosley / Composer

I have worked with Todd on several occasions in the last few years. He is a consummate professional, highly experienced and dedicated to providing the highest quality productions to his clients. Working with Todd is fun, creative and extremely rewarding – he is someone I will be working with for a very long time to come and I cannot recommend his work highly enough.

JB Blanc / Actor

Todd works hard to adapt our game titles throughly. He possess the professionalism to accomplish large tasks while making it look seamless and easy. He works very hard to solve problems not seen in advance and long anticipates the solution for common and frustrating last minute script changes. His company makes us breathe a bit easier when it comes to deadlines and he literally has the most amazing ear for connecting voice talent to the appropriate characters. I only hope he is available to work with us again.

Alex Gudkov / Akella

Todd is excellent to work for. His ability to keep his cool under stressful conditions and dealing with many artists at the same time were an asset to both his superiors and subordinates. He has a great personality and is not only easy, but fun to work with. He has a unique ability to get exactly what he wants from voice talent.

Dave Andrews / Actor