We craft voices.

Our talent, your stories.

Providing you access to our vast network of marquee Los Angeles voice over talent, we’ll work with your creative team to review and cast the best talent for your project.

Our process is a comprehensive, top-to-bottom casting that reveals the actors’ strengths, weaknesses, and what characters we feel each actor is right for. Auditions are done in person where we coach each actor into character. Then we redirect them to guarantee that not only can they get in character, but stay in character. All you’ll have to do is listen to your project come to life.

The difference between good voice over and great voice over is as simple as inspired direction.
We have a proven track record of taking raw talent and sculpting the perfect performance.

Our process is built on understanding the needs of the story. We know it’s about nuances. And we have years of solid, fundamental experience in championing your best script. Where are those little moments? We’ll find them and characters will emerge.

You wouldn’t start a business without a business plan would you? Well you don’t want to go into your next project without one either.

A complete production design begins with a solid spending strategy. Unreal deadline? Budget ceiling? We’ve pulled off miracles before. Anything is possible with solid fundamentals for designing and executing a production. We’re on it. Let us be your driver on adventures in voice over.

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