Voice Over Promos

One of the most important keys to a successful promo or audio commercial is the ability of the voice over actor to connect with your audience quickly and concretely. This is paramount as there is very little time to get your point across when dealing with a thirty-second time limit. The professionals at Resnick Interactive Group have the experience and knowledge to be able to zero in on the emotion you may be striving to convey to your audience and capture it cleanly and succinctly.

In this world of constant stimulation and everyday distractions, the ability to connect with an audience in a short amount of time is a unique skill … being able to recognize that skill as well as capture it is a feat unto itself. We at Resnick Interactive Group will work with you, to help you hone in on the perfect voice tone for your product or service. We will help you extract the exact emotion you need to convey for your product. In fact, we are so confident that your promo or commercial will be exactly what you are looking for that your product or message will not only catch the ear of your target audience but be pleasing to it as well.

We want your promo or commercial to have the as big an auditory punch as possible… and with that in mind, we at Resnick Interactive Group will employ all of our talents and not be satisfied until your commercial, promo, or PSA is of the highest quality and delivers maximum impact for your target audience.