Voice Over Services

While at first glance voice over may seem like a simple task, there are many components that go into a successful production. Due to years of experience Resnick Interactive Group is skilled at all of these components. Allow us to take a few minutes to breakdown the range of voice over services we offer:

Pre-Production / Production

Booking actors? Check. Scheduling recording studio time? Check. Making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Check. Our production process is custom tailored for each client depending on their needs. Regardless of how little or how much help you need, we’re more than capable of handling it.


It’s important to find the right voice for your project and running a voice over casting session is the best way to do that. We have a wide network of talent in the Los Angeles area and are able to find a match for anything you could possibly need. Depending on the budget and needs of a project we can run these auditions remotely with actors sending us their recordings, or they can take place in person where we have more control and are able to direct the actors.

Voice Over Recording & Directing

When recording voice over it’s important to have a good director on board. Not only will they ensure that the best possible performances are captured from each actor, but they will keep the session moving along as well. A good director also understands what a production needs and can make sure it turns out exactly as you want even if you’re unable to be at the recording session.


Dubbing is the process of recording voice over to video content that already exists. Common uses for this would be to fix problems during filming or to convert content into a different language, such as English, French, or Spanish.

Editing & Mastering

Even though we use only the best sounding audio gear and recording studios acoustically designed for professional results, there will always be elements in the final recording that you don’t want in your production. This could be anything from a take that went wrong and was restarted to a music stand being accidentally hit. No matter what happened, our team of editors can fix nearly any problem.

We also offer sound design and mastering services. Maybe that Ogre needs a little extra growl or that computer voice needs to sound a bit more digital. Some pretty interesting requests have come our way over the years and we’ve always enjoyed the creative challenges they bring.


While extremely common with our dubbing clients, we offer our mixing services to any project where the destination medium is video. Our mix engineers, with their many years of experience in film, TV, and animation, are able to make sure that your production ends up sounding the best that it can.

So what can we do for you? Every project we take on is a unique experience for us that requires different needs. Sometimes all you need is a great casting session to find the talent you’re after, but sometimes you just want to sit back and let someone else handle everything from beginning to end. Either way, we’re that team. So go ahead, let us know how we can help.