Tips & Tricks: Baby in a Hanky

Pat Fraley not only has an immense talent as an actor, but he excels at all kinds of vocal tricks. While working with Mel Blanc, Pat learned this hilarious and amazing technique for making the perfect crying baby sound.

Grab a handkerchief and follow along to learn how to perform “Baby in a Hanky.” Brought to you by the Resnick Interactive Group, your voice over production company.

Transcript: Somehow I got tagged as a guy to do a lot of strange sounds, and talking backwards, and making nonsense. I did Cousin Itt: . You know, things like that, which is natural to me, I mean, it’s perfect for being stupelexic, which I am.

And most of the stuff I learned — although I went to school, and I got an MFA in Acting — I learned at recess. Or I picked up from other people. And one of the tricks that I love is, I call “Baby in a Hanky.” And I was doing a show with Mel Blanc — Captain Caveman, at Hanna-Barbera — and they said “Mel, we need your baby,” and he reached in his pocket and he took out his handkerchief, and this is what I heard: .

And it was like, oh my goodness. The whole room stilled. And the way you do it, is you go, in a high pitch: , and then you go a little like the baby’s lungs are being fulled. And then we he gets real fussy, you jump an octave . Right? But when you muffle it , you get that baby sound.

And I’ve done pilots, and I’ve done all sorts of covering babies in case, you know, they have to cry on cue, I’m backstage at a microphone with my hanky. And you get calls on the phone for auditions for those, you know, you’ll just literally call the producers and go, “Okay, give me a baby.” And I go, “What baby? What do you want? You want an Italian baby? Oh, oh, Jewish baby?” Who knew.

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