Voice Over Dubbing Production

When planning a production for a voice over dubbing project, there are several important things to focus on. Character count, level of voice over talent, Line counts and budget. How many characters are there? How many are male and how many female? Are you looking to voice match original actors and lip-flap? How much time do we have to complete?

Character count is a fairly straightforward item. To effectively set up production as it relates to dubbing with voice over actors it’s important to have as many unique voices as possible. This can be several actors or few actors covering multiple parts. The same amount of lines have to be covered whether it’s with one actor doing 100 lines, or four actors doing 25 lines each. However, the more actors we use, the more expensive.

Genre plays a very specific role in the casting process for a voice over dubbing production. If you are dealing with children’s content you need to match kid voices and such. A great example of this is the show Puppy in My Pocket on Boomerang. We designed, cast and produced the voice over dubbing production for North American broadcast. This show was targeting young children and needed to sound youthful and fresh, while converting the show from Italian to North American voice over actors. We called in some of the most talented voice actors in Los Angeles and went to work!

Line count/character count are really what the budget is built from. All other logistical aspects of voice over production start with line count, when planning a production for dubbing voice over. The more lines, the more time will be needed to manufacture creative voices and this has a direct correlation to the costs involved.

Our production process is completely scalable, whether we’re dealing with 30 lines of content or 1300, we can turn over a finished product expeditiously. So, if you’re in a hurry to get a large project dubbed with creative voice over for French, English, Spanish or other regions, we’ve got you covered.