Voice Over Company

Here at Resnick Interactive Group we like to consider ourselves a voice over company. So what does that mean exactly? It means that we can take care of any aspect of voice over on any type of project. While we custom tailor our process to each client, let’s assume for the sake of explanation that you’re interested in us working on a complete production for you. Here’s what we would do:

The first step is called pre-production, which is where we analyze a project to determine what its needs are. This includes performing intake on the scripts to determine what the character needs will be as well as figuring out how much time it will take to record. If necessary, we can also create what are called “sides”, or select script lines used to audition a role. We consider this a unique part of being a voice over company as most times this process is left strictly to the client.

After we’ve performed intake on the project and figured out its needs, we move on to casting. Depending on the budget and complexity of the project we’ll either do an in-person audition session or receive auditions from our vast network of actors remotely. Once all of our auditions are complete, we send them off to our client with notes on who we think works well for certain roles.

Once a project has been cast it’s time we start preparing the recording phase. This involves booking both the recording studio and the actors for the appropriate amount of time. While we’re in the studio we’ll have a director to help coach the actors through their parts. The director makes sure that all lines are recorded, pronunciations are correct, and keeps the session moving along.

After recording has finished we’ll jump into an editorial phase. At this point our editors will clean up the audio removing any performance mistakes that happened during the record. Depending on the needs of the client we can master and sweeten the audio as well and convert it to different formats if required.

In cases of interactive media, such as video games, our process usually ends here with the delivery of the final audio in the format and naming convention our client has requested. However, for types of work in which the audio is being synced to video, such as in dubbing, we’ll enter a mix phase. During this final mix we’ll ensure that the audio is correctly synced with the video and that it sits in the mix correctly with other elements such as music and sound effects.

As a voice over company we’ve built our process to save our clients money and time. When you work with us you’re getting rid of the burden of coordinating all the various components yourself. Contact us today and let us know what we can help you with.