Non Union Voice Over Talent

Are you thinking about using non union voice over talent on your next project? Are you hesitant because you think all of the “professionals” are in the union? When thinking of non union voice over talent you may be thinking “cheap” or perhaps “inexperienced.” Well, think again. There are very talented professional voice actors in both camps. Let’s take a few moments to focus on the non union side of things.

Before beginning the casting process, the production company needs to decide between casting a project with non union or union talent. Hiring non union voice over talent is probably the way to go if you’re running a small production or one with a low budget. The same is generally true if the voice will be used in a corporate presentation, foreign production, or perhaps just an English language dub. If the project is very large or one that will be a national broadcast, some thought should be placed into turning the project into a union production. Both have benefits that fit the needs of particular clientele.

The largest benefit of non union is that it can help keep your operating costs down. Not only are rates generally more flexible, but you won’t have to pay into the union’s benefit program. You also won’t have to deal with union minimums. Another item you won’t have to pay for is the paperwork. Union projects deal with a lot of paperwork and a union signatory is usually hired to handle all of this, therefore creating additional fees above and beyond what the talent costs. One cost you can rarely avoid is an agent fee as most professional actors have an agent.

Resnick Interactive Group has a fantastic pool of non union voice over talent. We deal with this talent on a regular basis and have built great relationships with the actors. They are all seasoned professionals that only bring their “A Game”, so inexperience is out of the question. As rates go, the talent know what they are worth and will negotiate a rate within reason, based on the amount and/or type of work. If the project were to be union, the rates would be scale based on union guidelines and minimums. This could end up being a problem for the budget of a small production. The choice is yours, and we’re here to help, regardless of which route you decide to take.