Casting Voice Over

Are you in the market to cast a voice over? Here at Resnick Interactive Group, casting voice over for projects happens to be one of our specialties. With our expert casting directors and vast talent roster we’re confident that we can meet your voice over needs.

Voice over commonly refers to a single voice recorded over finished content. However, in recent years the definition has been slightly blurred. Many times people interchange voice over with voice dubbing and other similar services. In the following article we will try to cover all aspects of casting voice over actors.

When casting voice over, casting calls may go out in different fashions depending on the role that needs to be filled. Calls can go out to the general public or to a group of specifically selected actors. If the client is looking for a very specific style of voice, the casting agency will generally only request auditions from actors they know will fit the bill. It has become common during the first round of voice casting to receive line reads from actors via email. Depending on the production, an actor may go through several casting calls, or “call backs”, before receiving a part. This may be due to the size of the part and the impression it will leave upon the world, or the casting directors being torn between two (or sometimes more) actor’s performances.

For major productions, casting voice over may require a specialized casting staff to select actors filling dozens of parts. The final decision is generally left to the heads of the production, but the casting staff will be in charge of dealing of the day to day minutia of casting during pre-production.  A casting director may sometimes hire a casting associate (or ”CA”); productions with a large number of extras may even have their own casting director for extras.

Productions happening in different geographic locations will often times hire casting companies in region. Casting in region is a helpful tool for making a project feel as authentic to the setting as possible and becomes even more important in live action. If the project is set in The United States, you don’t want all of the characters to sound like they’re from Ireland or vice versa. Worst case scenario, you don’t want the voices to sound fake. In animation, voice recordings will sometimes be re-done in dozens of regions to localize for specific languages and dialects. When casting animated projects this can be extremely important as voice is a crucial tool in creating a relationship with the audience.

In large productions, lead roles will almost always be filled by big name celebrity talent regardless of region. These particular actors may in many cases bypass the casting process altogether. Generally, this is because the director may have had them in mind for a role before the project even went into pre-production.

Does casting voice over actors sound like a daunting task? Under certain circumstances it can be, so let the experts help you with it! Let us know your needs by contacting us.