Voice Over Studio

When recording voice over for a production its best to use a professional voice over studio. These are facilities that have been custom built to ensure high quality recordings due to their sound-proofing and high-end equipment including microphones and other audio gear.

Each studio consists of two parts. The first is the control room. This is where the clients, director, and engineer are located. It provides sound isolation from the artist yet still allows for a line of sight to them and communication through what is called a talkback system. The second part is the live room, or booth, as it is sometimes referred to. This area is where the performer or performers are located.

When choosing a voice over studio it’s important to think about the needs of the production. Recording spaces come in different sizes and you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. You wouldn’t try to cram several actors into a small booth designed for a single person, would you? Of course not! Just as it wouldn’t make much sense to have a single actor recording in a giant room designed for an entire cast.

An integral part of any professional voice over studio is the engineer. This is the person responsible for running all of the equipment in the room and making sure the performances you hear are recorded successfully. The difference between a good engineer and an experienced engineer is staggering. While anyone can be taught how to “push the buttons”, the best engineers also know what the client is expecting. Not only will they know how to use the studio and its gear in the most effective manner, they will also be able to achieve the results you want seemingly effortlessly and ensure the recording session moves as smoothly as possible.

Most professional voice over studio facilities also provide amenities for their clients to make them feel more at home. These typically include wi-fi internet access, lounges, full kitchens, and on-staff assistants that can help with whatever you may need.

At Resnick Interactive Group we take pride in the facilities that we use for our clients productions. You shouldn’t need to worry about the technical details of a voice over studio while working on your project. When working with us you can take comfort in knowing that we’ve got that handled and that our team of seasoned professionals ensure everything runs flawlessly.