Voice Over Producing

Here at Resnick Interactive Group we are masters of producing voice over. We understand what it takes to develop and create meaningful content for your company. Whether your project is a short localized commercial or a big budget blockbuster, we can add a voice to anything you put in front of us.

There are a couple very important guidelines to follow in producing voice over work. One of those guidelines is to properly convey the message. After all, the message is the most important part of what you are trying to broadcast. This can be in the form of a mouse who just wants to captain a boat or maybe a cyclist doing a public service announcement regarding the side effects of steroids. Each of these examples wants to grab your attention and hold it for different reasons. Resnick Interactive Group’s voice over producing methods are custom crafted to guarantee our client’s messages come across correctly.

The next guideline to follow is the act of performance transparency. You may think differently, but the voice should not necessarily be recognizable. Sometime if a voice is too familiar it will detract from the message being conveyed. Another aspect of transparency in producing voice over is to resist making the voice sound too polished. A perfect voice recording in both the performance and technical realms may come across as fake. Fake is never good. The audience will lose their connection with something that does not come across as natural. If the audience is disconnected, then your message can not be well received.

Now onto the last and possibly most important guideline we’ll touch upon. During the course of the production, everybody involved needs to have a little fun! Long running productions can fall into the doldrums quite easily due to their repetitive nature. Unless you’re recording Tracy Grandstaff voicing Daria, this is rarely desired. The director must pay attention to this when producing voice over projects. The best way to accomplish this is keep things light hearted and have some fun! We take pride in what we do and have fun doing it. This shows in every finished product we turn over to our clients.

Want to let Resnick Interactive Group know about your voice over needs? Feel free to get in touch and tell us all about it – we can’t wait to hear about your project!