Voice Over Narration

Just as there are many challenges surrounding short form, promo style voice over projects, longer form voice over narration creates its unique challenges. Our team of highly qualified creative professionals at Resnick Interactive Group is well versed in this form of content. We have the connections and the ability to work with the best, most professional voice over talent the industry has to offer. This will ensure the long form content will be done in a succinct, timely manner and that these top tier actors will present performances that are not only emotionally varied, but also engaging for the audience.

We know that long form narration is its own dramatic beast and we will work tirelessly with you to fully understand the emotional tone of the project. With our team of professional voice over actors we will insure that the story you are telling will be filled with dramatic peaks and valleys and that every emotionally charged beat, within the story, gets hit and hit hard.

We appreciate the opportunities for producing compelling content and want to make sure you grab and maintain the attention of your audience. We know how important it is to preserve the intensity and emotion in long form narration and we understand the complex variance in a brilliant voice over actor’s ability to convey certain inflections and tones. It’s with this understanding we can assure that right takes will always be used and our actors will deliver these takes time and time again.

Let us work with you to create compelling long form narration content that engages, excites, warms the heart, touches, scares, and most importantly entertains your audience. We at Resnick Interactive Group live in this world and know what it takes to keep them coming back to you for more!