Voice Over Dubbing

One of the things that keeps us busiest here at Resnick Interactive Group is the service of voice over dubbing. This process consists of replacing the original acting performance with a new one. Most commonly this is applied when bringing content into a new country or region where it requires the voice over performances to be in a different language from the original.

The type of content we most commonly work on is foreign animation. Over the years we’ve been asked to employ our voice over talent across many languages including Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

Although we’re often complimented on our work, many challenges still exist during the process. The most difficult issue is matching the new performance with the existing lip-sync, or lip-flap as it is sometimes called. Special care is often needed to make sure that a cue or line starts and stops in the right place without the actor feeling forced or rushed. Without changing the intended meaning of the line, we’ll occasionally need to add or remove small words in order to make the performance feel natural.

Don’t think it’s all just about animation for us; live action isn’t exempt from the needs of voice over dubbing either. For example, the popular Telenovela style of television programming is often dubbed into English for the U.S. market and it faces the same lip-sync challenges as animation.

Of course there are upsides to working on voice over dubbing projects. One of these benefits is that the actor can already see what is happening on screen and any confusion as to how the scene is acted can be watched beforehand. In non-dubbing projects, without any visual cues, we need to rely on the writers to describe the scene the best they can.

Even with its challenges, voice over dubbing is still one of the most enjoyable things we do. From hearing our actors bring the project to life as they hit their first cue to watching the finished mix it’s tough to wipe the grins off our faces after a job well done.

We believe that excellent voice over can make or break a project. Get in touch with us and let our team work our magic for you – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.