Voice Over Directing

At Resnick Interactive Group, we partner with some of the best, most experienced directors and producers in the industry. Every director is at the top of his or her game and at the top of his or her field. We believe that with the right captain behind the proverbial wheel, as it were, both the project and the experience run more smoothly and the finished product is much more professional sounding.

We will work with you to match you with the best voice over director for your specific project. Whether it’s long form narration, PSA, animation, game, or promo, we have access to the director that will be perfect for the job.

Our voice over directors have decades of experience in the field, as well as strong relationships with the voice over talent pool. They have a short hand with performers that proves invaluable when you are producing a high quality project on a narrow timeline.

The goal at Resnick Interactive Group is to deliver the highest quality voices not only to complement but enhance your project as well. We know that the right director can mean all the difference in the world. We craft voices and are here to help you achieve the best outcome that will undoubtedly exceed your already high expectations.