Voice Over Casting

You wouldn’t let anybody walk in and take on the role of the characters in your production, would you? That’s why the voice over casting process is one of the most important steps in any project.

During the voice over casting process the talent that is auditioning will typically read what are called “sides”. These are several hand-picked lines of dialog for a particular character that will allow us to test the range of an actor within that role. Character descriptions are included in the sides as well and help the actor focus in on who that character is and what makes them special. We have also found that including pictures of the character, if they are available, prove to be very helpful as well.

At Resnick Interactive Group we’ve adapted our voice over casting process to fit the many different needs of our clients over the years. While it can at times be similar to other casting processes, such as those used for film and TV, we feel that it is unique in the way that it can be tailored to fit any budget.

Larger clients, especially those local to Los Angeles, tend to like their voice over casting session to be run at one of our studio facilities. We prefer this method since it allows the client and ourselves to be personally involved, allowing for direction and coaching of the auditioning talent if needed. Due to the fact that we’re only able to see one person at a time, this type of casting session typically takes one or two days but can run longer depending on the amount of roles that need to be cast.

Smaller clients, or those located outside of the country, usually like us to run the casting process for them. Instead of spending a day or more in a recording studio, we send our network of actors the audition sides and in return they submit their performances to us. Although this allows us to capture a large range of auditions rather quickly, we lose the ability to coach or direct the actors performance. However, as long as the character information on the sides is detailed enough, we usually don’t find this to be much of a problem.

We take pride in our work and know that a carefully selected cast will improve the quality of any production significantly. Selecting the wrong actor for a role can be costly as they struggle through a recording session. Let us help you cherry-pick the absolute best and most-suited talent so that the end result is something that leaves everyone happy.