Voice Over America

The United States has a steadily diversifying population that speaks more languages every day. Although some people might think of English as the official language of the U.S., there are entire communities that primarily use languages such as Spanish, Korean, and Vietnamese.

That’s why American voice over services from Resnick Interactive offer more than just standard American English voice overs. Our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of businesses that rely on websites, commercials, films, and video games to reach their target audiences means that we have to stay connected to a diverse group of voice over actors.

Many businesses have also found that they get the best results when they give full representation to the dialects within standard American English. Voice Over America services, therefore, should include work from actors that can replicate accents from rural areas and urban centers–  such as Boston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and New Orleans— that have use distinctive forms of American English.

Resnick Interactive has connections to a wide range of Voice Over America actors. We also insist that those actors work with experienced directors to make sure each client receives a voice over that matches his or her unique content and target audiences. The voice over is always recorded under controlled studio conditions by our expert audio engineers. The result is a voice over with a human touch that will motivate your target audience.

At Resnick Interactive, we know that each client has unique needs. That’s why we maintain such a diverse force of actors, directors, and audio professionals. When you choose our Voice Over America services, you get the specific type of content that you need to reach your goals.