Professional Voice Over

Professional Voice Over is creative device used by production companies. Depending on the professional versatility of the talent the process can be both artistic as well as functional. Let’s take Morgan Freeman as an example. In The Shawshank Redemption he lent his voice over talents in a very artistic way, moving the story along with more insight as to what was happening on screen. In The March of The Penguins Mr. Freeman lent his voice over skills to give full detail as to what was happening on screen. In this case the documentary style film was being translated from it’s original language of French. In a Visa commercial that ran during the Olympics he was able to pull emotions from us in under a minute. He is able to do all of this because he is a well rounded professional voice over actor.

Now let’s think about the characters Trey Parker voices in South Park. The voice of Eric Cartman would probably not fit as a voice over to a nature documentary. Parker is equally talented as a voice actor, yet able to pull completely different emotions from the viewing audience. His approach to voice over may be in a different genre, but his performances are just as important. There are plenty of examples to draw from, but these examples are the far ends of the voice over spectrum. Morgan Freeman being the smooth voice of reason and Trey Parker being the brash voice of comedy. Don’t doubt for a second that these two actors wouldn’t be able to trade places, and be just as successful. They are both versatile professionals.

When choosing which talent to hire for your voice over needs there are, to put it frankly, too many choices. The difference between hiring someone who “can” do it, and someone who is a professional voice over artist can make a huge difference. Let Resnick Interactive Group help you with this process!

Our professional voice over team has years of experience and knows what it takes to build a winning product. Viewers connecting to a performance are more likely to keep coming back for more and are inclined to share the content as well. All of this equals greater success for a product.

Whether you need voice over for animation, film, video games, documentaries, or an internal corporate video, we have you covered. We treat every project as an individual, taking the time to place the right voice to your product and produce it to drive the necessary emotion from your audience.