Italian Voice Over Dubbing

Italy has a long history with voice over dubbing in film. The very first Italian films featured visually appealing and expressive actors that were dubbed over in post-production. This was common practice in Italian cinema and in the late 1920’s Italian dictator Benito Mussolini signed a decree that prohibited the screening of foreign films in their original language. As a result, Italians widely accept the practice of dubbing of foreign films, and in fact, dubbing is a much more preferred method of foreign language film delivery than subtitling, as Italians feel that reading subtitles distracts from the visual art that is the cinema. For this reason, Italian culture commonly rejects the use of subtitles in foreign films. Since international sales have grown exponentially in recent years, so too has the demand for foreign language dubbing.

Resnick Interactive Group offers Italian voice over dubbing services to help facilitate audio post-production of film, animation, video games, commercials, and any other projects in need of high quality voice over production. We have access to top Italian voice over directors and voice talent who specialize in foreign language dubbing, so finding the right voice talent for your project is easy.

If your project requires ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording), assembling the original cast and crew to record pick-ups or make dialogue changes in post can be costly and time consuming. And when you’re dealing with the busy schedules of celebrities or directors, the timing may not work out in your favor. Our extensive network includes talented actors who are capable of voice matching original Italian performers and celebrities. Professional audio engineers record the performances in a carefully controlled environment, allowing them to match the sound of the original recording so that even small changes to dialogue can be dropped right in to match the original content. The result is seamless.

Whether your needs require dubbing an entire project into the Italian language, or finding the perfect sound-a-like actor to voice match your Italian celebrity’s pick-ups, Resnick Interactive Group’s affordable Italian voice over dubbing services will alleviate the hassle of your foreign language project.  Contact us and let us know how we can help you.