French Voice Over Dubbing

Here’s some trivia for you: Thanks to L’Academie Francaise, an entity in place to protect the French language from other language infiltrators, most all films are dubbed into French. It’s rare to see a foreign film with subtitles, especially on TV. This may cause annoyance on the level of the tourist who can’t catch a break on a film in their native language, but it’s great news for the French voice over dubbing business!

Do you have a film or animation project that needs French voice over dubbing in order to help it break into that market? That’s where the team here at Resnick Interactive Group comes in! While we got our start doing English dubbing, we’ve expanded our service set over the years and are now happy to help our clients record their projects in French as well. With our wide network of talent in the Los Angeles area it’s easy for us to find the right actor for the role. Once the talent has been cast our French-speaking voice over directors ensure that the performance is coached and recorded correctly.

Sometimes it’s not necessary to provide dubbing for an entire piece of content. Maybe all that’s needed is a small change to dialog that has already been recorded in French. Unfortunately these small changes can end up being large dents in a production budget. It’s difficult and expensive to schedule the same actors, directors, and staff needed to make changes to a single scene or commercial.

In these cases we can cast an actor to voice match a part that has already been recorded. The actors work with our professional voice directors to make sure they mimic the sound of your original content. Even if the scene originally contained a well known French-speaking actor, our directors and actors work together to reproduce the sound of his or her voice. Our audio engineers record the performance within carefully controlled environments that allows them to match the environment of the original recording. Your audience won’t know where the original recording ends and the dubbed one begins.

Resnick Interactive Group provides every step of the French voice over dubbing process to achieve professional results without negatively affecting the quality of your original content. This allows our clients to complete their productions on time without exceeding their budgets. Say au revoir to the frustrations of French voice over dubbing and contact us to see what we can do for you.