Foreign Language Dubbing

Many businesses today target several markets to diversify their customer base. To do this well, your business might need to create content that attracts consumers from all over the world. This means using foreign languages to promote your products and services. Resnick Interactive Group uses foreign language dubbing to help clients create audio and video content that helps them meet their business goals by motivating target audiences from a wide range of backgrounds.

Foreign language dubbing often occurs after your content has been created. Perhaps you want to make a slight change in the script after your commercial has been shot, or maybe you want to correct a small mistake made during shooting. With our foreign language dubbing services, you can make these changes quickly and affordably.

We have many voice actors that can mimic the actors originally used in your commercial, movie, animation, or web video. Our company also has connections to actors with experience in several languages. If we do not already have an actor that fits your foreign language dubbing needs, then we will cast a new actor that is perfect for the part.

Our actors work with professional directors to ensure that your foreign language dubbing sounds just like the voice of the original actor. The dubbing is then inserted seamlessly into your video by our audio engineers. The audience won’t even be able to tell where the original audio track ends and the dubbed section begins.