Post Production

While recording engineers are at the core of our voice over process, our post production engineers are equally involved in the success of the work. Each of these highly skilled editors take command of the notes and audio manufactured after we finish a voice over recording session. Take choices for each line are logged using a file naming convention and edited per the script instructions and notes from the voice director during the session.

Normally our editors start with a simple heads and tails edit to the voice over take. This means that we ensure every line starts and stops naturally without unneeded silence or noise on either end. Our process then hones in on the more granular needs of the audio. Clicks, pops, plosives, room noise, clothing ruffles and any other foreign artifacts are located and removed. However, the script may call for a performance to sound aspirated during the read itself, in which case our editors make sure the context is correct in the edits of each take. They might even order a line-redo, or pickup line, in some cases if the contextual mark wasn’t achieved while recording the voice over actor.

When working with a voice over performance that was recorded to video, such as in dubbing and ADR, it’s important to make sure that the read feels completely natural in relation to what’s on screen. If any part of a line doesn’t sound natural to us we can carefully nudge it into place so that it feels just right. This can be accomplished by anything from slight time stretching to moving the starting position of the line a few frames. Although this process is sometimes applied to the entire line, most often it is only a few words that require adjustment.

Sometimes voice over actors will nail the context and read for the first half of a line…and then the second half on another take. In these scenarios our team is masterful at taking the best portions of each take and merging them together so they sound natural and fit the context of the line. We jokingly refer to this process as “frankenstein-ing” even though our results are much more pleasant.

Processing voice over is a particularly enjoyable process for our team as the creative juices really get going. Whether a character needs to sound like they’re being heard through a radio or that big guy needs a little more growl, we can make it happen. Employing the most current technology to create our effects, we craft imaginative creatures and memorable characters for any product.

On the business side of things, our team is ready to take on any paymaster duties and is union signatory ready. We’re able to process the contracts, payments, and all related vitals for our clients. When working with us we’ll guarantee that paperwork never gets in the way of your creative vision.