Cartoon and Animation Voice Overs

What Sets Cartoon Voice Over Apart?

Do fanciful characters have ordinary voices? We don’t think so! Voice overs for cartoons and animated projects need to reflect the quirks of the characters, whether that’s sweet innocence, traditional cartoon mayhem or dark foreboding.

A cartoon voice over adds a memorable, special voice to your script’s character. Think Yogi Bear or Bugs Bunny. Without the voice, they’d just be another couple of two-dimensional characters. It’s their voices — voices that grab a viewer’s attention — that set them apart.

In a cartoon or animated film, the voice inflection and tone is just one more way a director can create a mood and hone the audience’s perception of the character.

Cartoon voice overs can be used for any number of projects, from commercials to audio books to animated short films to online games. The applications for cartoon voice overs is limited only by your imagination.

Resnick Interactive makes cartoon voice overs simple. We cast, coach, and direct our talent. You just give us a script and we’ll do the rest.

Benefits of Using Cartoon Voice Overs

  • The voice you use is not associated with other roles or characters the actor may have previously done.
  • You aren’t limited to “normal” voice patterns.
  • You can be as creative as you wish.
  • Regular voices blend into the background of life, cartoon voices stand out