What is the Role of the Voice Over Director?

The voice over director has a myriad of responsibilities. They include, but are not limited to: The breaking down of the script by character, by scenes, beats within each scene and determining the flow of the voice actor’s performance as well as the correct edit and cut. Organizational and communication skills are paramount to the… Read more »

Nolan North – The Leading Man of Voice Over

In this episode we sit down with Nolan North, one of the great voice over actors we have had the fortune to work with. In this first video of the series we find out about the many games where you can hear his voice including the recently released Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The gaming industry… Read more »

Paula Rhodes & Haviland Stillwell – How They Got Their Start in Voice Acting

Here are all new videos from voice actors on how they got their start in the industry! They all have interesting and unique ways they got their start so be sure to hear their stories. We hope you have been enjoying the videos and let us know what other topics you would like to see!… Read more »

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