Kate Higgins & Laura Gerow on Working with Resnick Interactive

Resnick Interactive has had the honor to work with some of the best voice actors around. While we love having them in the studio, we wanted to know what they thought of the experience! We asked some of our actors sit down and share their thoughts on working with Resnick Interactive and the whole voice… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Voice During Cold and Flu Season

As winter blows through the northern hemisphere, the season brings with it the chilling threat of illness to those in the voice over industry. Nothing halts a voice over production faster than the actors losing their voices! Even worse, for the struggling actor or singer, blowing an audition because you’ve caught a cough can be… Read more »

Nolan North – Is Voice Over For Games Different From Other Projects?

In this second episode in our sit down with voice over actor Nolan North, we find out how voice acting for video games may differ from other projects. His response? It doesn’t! Nolan shares that he believes the medium is irrelevant. Acting, any acting is all about brining life and truth to a fictional character…. Read more »

What is the Role of the Voice Over Engineer?

The Engineer is the person responsible for all the machines used in the voice over recording session working perfectly; their job is to capture all the vocal magic. While they could easily be regarded as ‘button pushers’ or machine-focused; the fact is, that the Engineer put his/her heart and soul into each project and their… Read more »

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