Backstage: Get in the game


Tremendous opportunities are opening up in video games. By Heidi Schooler The interactive-gaming industry has rapidly grown into one of the biggest forms of entertainment today. As the public continues to crave new video-game titles with more-original ideas, voiceover actors will be expected to be on their game to meet the continual expansion. I recently… Read more »

Game World: the ultimate game voice over event

On June 20th, 2009, Famed Casting Executive and Resnick Interactive Chief Todd Resnick will be teaching the ins and outs of voice over acting in the world of video games along side veteran recording artist Pat Fraley and David Fries, casting director for Electronic Arts. Together they will guide students through quality demo production, networking… Read more »

The crowned heads of casting


On April 18th, Resnick Interactive founder Todd Resnick will be bringing his experience of voice over casting and directing in the video game world to the “Crowned Heads of Casting” clinic hosted by veteran voice over performer and director Pat Fraley. Throughout the course of the all-day event, participants will be shown what casting directors… Read more »

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