What is the Role of the Voice Over Director?

The voice over director has a myriad of responsibilities. They include, but are not limited to: The breaking down of the script by character, by scenes, beats within each scene and determining the flow of the voice actor’s performance as well as the correct edit and cut. Organizational and communication skills are paramount to the success of the director, as s/he is liaison between actors and the engineers, writers and producers, and must be as loved as the Scarecrow by all.

Prior to the voice over recording session, the director will have met with the producers and writers to fine-tune the tone of the project as well as the personalities and attitudes of each of the characters. In short, the director is, ostensibly, the ‘brains’ behind the voice over recording session.

The voice over director must have a strong, personal relationship with each of the actors and s/he must use that connection to help pull a perfect performance from them.

When an actor is being asked to repeat the same line for the eighty-fifth time, they need to trust the director. The actor needs to be reassured that the reason they are all on this journey is that the director will lead them to that perfect scene no matter how many times it’s performed.

The director must dance that fine line between repeatedly working an actor to the point where the words lose meaning and getting that exact inflection, that perfect line read that makes the scene sing off the page. The director does this by making sure the actors feel safe by assuring them that they are all on the same side.

The voice over director has the most hands on creative role during the voice record session. S/he is responsible for ensuring that the voice over recording goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We love you most of all Scarecrow.

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