Voice Over Audition Advice – Know the Tone & Listen to the Director

Here is the latest installment of videos around the voice over production process and industry. Check back regularly for updates right here on our blog and soon, on iTunes and other platforms, from individuals we have had the pleasure of working with on projects.

We want to hear your feedback! We’ll be covering topics like voice matching, the voice over recording process, handling multiple characters, voice over directing and much more. For companies and projects, you’ll also find out more about the services we provide, some feedback & testimonials around our projects & inside looks at our process working with some the best brands in the business.

These two videos feature actors we have had in the studio, giving their audition advice for aspiring voice actors. Katie Crown shares that you must always know the tone of the project you are working on and how that can lead to success in the booth! Kate Higgins then lets us know the importance of really taking the time to listen to the director and not get stuck in your own head. Check them out!

Let us know in the comments what you think of these videos, thank you!

Established in 2000 in Los Angeles, CA, Resnick Interactive Group is a voice over production company. Leveraging deep relationships within the voice acting community, we’ve developed high profile strategic alliances with some of the world’s biggest names in animation publishing.

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