The Need for Voice Matching Today

Voice matching or voice mimicking is part of an arena of the voiceover industry that falls into voice over production work, specifically matching, voice replacement, ADR or looping. ADR stands for Automatic Dialog Replacement. This was previously referred to in the industry as looping. Voice matching includes adding background sounds to films, adding sounds of TV or radio and a movie and generally fleshing out the film in a studio or ADR sound stage. At times, it also means matching a celebrity to save time and money when a project is in an urgent situation.

An individual like Ross Marquand would be very helpful in this situation. Check out this funny video he put together showing the different actors he can voice mimic and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below:

Established in 2000 in Los Angeles, CA, Resnick Interactive Group is a voice over production company. Leveraging deep relationships within the voice acting community, we’ve developed high profile strategic alliances with some of the world’s biggest names in animation publishing.

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    What a Creative, Entertaining, and Educational Demo Reel. Ross Marquand is a great example of Talent! Thank you Resnick Interactive Group for enlightening us all by posting this.

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    I recommend you watch the videos on this site, about imitating cartoon voices!