Nobody Wants to Hear your Yoda: How to Practice for Voice Over Recording

To make it in the voice over business you can’t just have great tone; like everything else in life you need to practice.

Voice Over directors audition hundreds of actors and in order to stand out you really need to show them that you’re creative enough to capture a part for them. The only way to do that is to practice many different characters.

One tip I give voice over actors is the following:

Take some scripts, post one character to your bathroom window each week and practice every single morning. One week it’s a football player, the next week it’s a 17 year old teenager, another week its a soldier, and so on. That way, you can build a repertoire of characters based around the ones that you’ve specifically practiced.

Let’s say you need to play the part of a wizard for an audition or an upcoming job. If you’ve practiced that character hundreds of times, it becomes easy to draw upon that creative pool of work you’ve put in.

If you’re in an audition and don’t have a range of characters to draw from, you’ll most likely find it very difficult to be creative on the spot. When you’re just starting out, make sure you can deliver and nail at least ten different characters, and then make sure to continuously increase your range as your career progresses.

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  • Karrie Frederick

    LOL.. Yoda. That was funny.