Make a Difference – Donate Your Games

As a growing voice over casting company, we recently moved our office as well as decided to downsize our collection of games, so we began to look for a charity where we could donate our duplicate copies. We reached out to Child’s Play, a gamer favorite charitable organization founded by the creators of the Penny Arcade web-comic. They, in turn, put us in touch with the good folks at Donate Games, who also accept game donations.

If you’re a game publisher or developer, you may have some surplus video games sitting around your office that could use a better home. And if you’re a gamer, you may have some used games and consoles gathering dust somewhere in a closet. Below is more information about both organizations if you’re interested in giving back.

Child’s Play

Child’s Play is an eight-year-old charity that provides toys, games, books, and other items to sick children in hospitals across the US, Canada, and other locations worldwide. They can accept new games that are rated E or E10+. You can also purchase items through Amazon that will be shipped directly to the hospital of your choice. For more info, visit the Child’s Play website.

Donate Games

Donate Games helps children with rare diseases through the collection and re-purposing of video games and gear. They can accept new (packaged) PC games and all new or used console games (all ESRB ratings) as well as consoles. Visit the Donate Games website to learn more.

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