In Their Own Voice: JB Blanc

Welcome to In Their Own Voice, a series of interviews with some of the excellent voice actors we work with. To kick off this new column, we have JB Blanc sharing what it’s like to prepare for a recording session.

Transcript: You usually don’t have a lot of clues, you’ve gotta go in and make snap decisions – which is fantastic if you’ve got enough experience to be able to do that – that’s the best way to do it, because then you’re not bound by the constraints of any preconceptions that you might have. If you decide what a character is before you come in then the producer goes, “Actually, no, this guy’s 26, and, you know, from East India.” You—then you’re in trouble because then you’ve gotta react very quickly.

So, I think—I think a lot of younger actors would like as much information as possible before they come to work; I prefer flying by the seat of my pants because then you’ve got to rely on your instincts, you’ve got to make quick decisions, and you’ve got to be 100% committed to them.

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